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Overall evaluation

At the beginning of my learning journey for this course I felt that all aspects of graphic design were new to me. This was not only in terms of how to use the tools needed to execute the design but also and more importantly the basic principles of what makes good graphic design.

It was the first time that I had used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and I initially found it frustrating to not to be able to translate concepts developed in my mind and in my sketch book to computer based images.

I gradually began to become familiar with these tools through the use of online tutorials and through the process of going through the exercises and assignments in the course.

I also began to realize that I was starting to become more attuned to graphic design that present all around me in everyday life. With this came a more critical appreciation of what made good and what I sometimes considered to be design that could be been implemented in a perhaps better manner.

This being my first arts focused course keeping a learning log was also new for me. I fell I came to grips relevantly quickly with the technical aspects of working with WordPress but where I believe I faced a bigger challenge and where I got the most benefit from was creating written reviews of the work of other graphic designers and in describing my own work. This was a challenge not just in terms that writing about art was new to me but also that English is not my native language,

As I reached the second half of the course I did not feel as lost as I did at as I initially did and although I would not consider myself to be confident I had a much greater understanding of what was expected of me.

Throughout the course my tutors feedback was very helpful to me and by following up on her recommendations I could the see benefit they could bring to my work.

Some of examples of points raised to me by my tutor that helped me to appreciate the benefit of feedback on my work are as following:

  • Not to leave large blank spaces between lines of text, in for example a poster but instead to bringing lines of text together helped create much better compositions.
  • Approaching a design through different methods before settling on one to develop further, such as the use of collage, drawing, painting etc.
  • The benefit of using my sketch book to develop as many ideas as possible.

In terms of reflecting on my strengths I appreciate the following about my work:

  • That I try to avoid clutter in my designs and like to try and present my message in a clear manner.
  • That I like to create handmade elements which I then incorporate into the design.
  • That I have gained a critical appreciation of graphic design in everyday life.

To progress further with graphic design I consider that most important next steps for me will be to gain greater experience with the use of software tools, illustration skills and that I begin to feel more comfortable with letting myself be more influenced by other work rather than feeling I need to create a design concept completely independently,