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In this exercise I will design 3 different pages using 500 words of Lorem Ipsum. The pages are supposed to include an interview with a tv actor, a review of a new piece of hardware or software in a specialist computer magazine and a book review in a newspaper’s weekend edition.


I researched articles from tv listings magazines.

art_laugh tv-listing-magazines-4-638 The articles are usually quite colourful and vibrant. I decided to incorporate red into my design in a form of a frame, the article is placed on A4 page and 2 red blocks will form a background for the heading. There will be 2 photos incorporated into the interview, one is of the actress giving the interview and the other of her with her fiance. The subheading will briefly describe the nature of the interview. There also will be a quote in a large font placed among the body text. The design of the interview alludes to the non-serious  and slightly sensational nature of those kinds of articles.

Interview-version 1

Heading: BBAlpha Sans Bold

Subheading: BBAlpha Sans Regular

Quote: BBAlpha Serif Regular

Body text:  BBAlpha Serif Regular


Interview-version 2

Heading: Arial Bold

Subheading: Arial Bold

Body text: Georgia Regular

Quote: Georgia Regular

 Interview-version 3

Heading: Seoge Script Bold

Subheading: Seoge Script Bold

Body text: Times New Roman Regular

Quote: Times New Roman Bold


Laptop review:

I started designing the review by examining similar publications that I found online. This give me an idea on how those reviews look.

newsletter-quale-n32pro2 Musubo-LaptopMagazine-1024x670

My article will be a review of an Asus laptop. The design will have a black and white color combination, less colourful than the designs above as I want to achieve a clear and professional design. I will add 2 photos of the laptop and a specifications table to give readers detailed information about the reviewed item to make it look expert-like and competent. I used 3 fonts in all of the version of the piece. The review has a simplistic form, I am hoping that the mix of different fonts will give it some diversity.

Laptop review-version 1

Heading: line 1 OCR A Std Regular 36pt, line 2 Times New Roman Bold 39pt

Subheading: Times New Roman Bold 24pt

Body text: Tahoma Regular 10pt

poster2ver1 Laptop review-version 2

Heading: line 1 Impact Regular 46pt, line 2 Felix Titling Regular 36pt

Subheading: Felix Titling Regular 18pt

Body text: Lucinda Bright Regular 9pt

poster2ver2 Laptop review-version 3

Heading: line 1 Rockwell Extra Bold Regular 46pt, line 2 Rockwell Regular 36pt

Subheading: Rockwell 20pt

Body text: Adobe Caslon Pro Regular 11pt

I also justified body text without hyphenation.


I am contented with the three reviews. I think that the typefaces chosen work well together and the black block on top with the white background for the body text makes for a strong contrast. The typeface used for the heading in the first version might look a little predictable and clichéd. The images used break up the review and provide additional context and help to illustrate the points being made in the article.

Book review:

I researched articles of a similar nature before starting working on this review.

Edge-Review-Pages-Jul-Aug2012 GAreviewLAB ghost-pine-full The reviews I came across have a straightforward design. My article will be a review of ‘The Polish Boxer’ by Eduardo Halfon. I decided to use an image of the book cover and a photo of the author in the piece. I chose to use a grey frame around the article to keep with the colour combination of the images. I placed the ‘Books’ heading on the frame, the title and the author’s name is placed underneath with the reviewer’s name. The review takes up 2 columns.

Book review-version 1 

Heading: BBAlpha Sans Bold 60pt

Article title: BBAlpha Sans Bold and Regular

Subheading: BBAlpha Serif Regular

Body text: BBAlpha Serif Regular



Book review-version 2

Heading: Brush Script Std Medium

Article title: Franklin Gothic Medium Regular

Subheading: Courier New Regular

Body text: Courier New Regular


Book review-version 3

Heading: Franklin Gothic Heavy Regular

Article title: Franklin Gothic Heavy Regular

Subheading: Franklin Gothic Medium Regular

Body text: Constantia Regular, the body text is justified without hyphenation.


I am most happy with the first and third version of the book review. I think the typefaces for the heading, subheading and body text work well. The second version is not that successful as the typefaces used for heading and body text do not match well together.  The heading is a little too ornamented looking, I much prefer the heavy and large headings from version 1 and 3. I also do not think that Courier New Regular is the best choice for body text, as it is very light and not as easily read.

This exercise allowed for further practise by designing 3 articles and creating 3 different versions of them. I found doing a research particularly useful. It allowed me to get inspiration and showed me the common designing ideas for different types of articles, it also motivated me throughout the exercise. I also experimented a lot with columns of text, seeing how a different font or text arrangement in the column (justified text for example) alters its look.