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Different typefaces – If the face fits

I am asked to create my own sample book of typefaces on my computer that I can refer to. I am asked to organise them into: serif, san-serif, script fonts that look handwritten, decorative fonts and fixed width, techno and pixel fonts. The following is my sample book:

decorative sanserif script serif techno


For the second part of this exercise I am asked to identify which fonts I might use for the following commissions: a short story in woman’s magazine, as advertisement in a parish magazine, a poster to advertise an after-school club and a flyer for my friends’ engagement party.

The story in woman’s magazine is 1300 words long. I had a look at a few magazines that contain these kind of articles.

Sell-My-Story-to-Bella-Tamsin-TK    Sell-My-Story-to-Real-People-Lynn-RB

The headline is often written in a bold san-serif font and the headline is brightly coloured or placed on a vibrant background. The story itself is written in a black serif font on a white background.

For the headline I chose Century Gothic Bold and Tahoma Bold from my sample book. Those fonts are easily read, clear and strong, that is why I thought they would be suitable. As for the story itself I will try Century Regular and Georgia Regular fonts. They look classic and are serif fonts  that are suitable for continuous text.

Century Gothic (heading) Century Regular (text)

Century Gothic (heading)
Century Regular (text)

Tahoma Bold (heading) Georgia Regular (text)

Tahoma Bold (heading)
Georgia Regular (text)

I think the fonts work well in the two versions of this article. The san-serif fonts are suitable for the headline and they are paired with serif fonts that work well for the continuous text. The article is quite lengthy, so I spread the 1300-word article over two A4 pages. I placed the headline on a brightly coloured background, as it seems to be the popular way of printing these types of stories. I added an image on the second page to break up the article and to balance the layout.

The second commission is for an advertisement in a parish magazine asking for more helpers on the flower rota. The finished size is A6 landscape.

5668900210_d5bc6f4f69_b notice_of_annual_parish_meeting_2014

While still on the high after doing collages for Assignment 3, I made a few cards with flower collages. I used the flower motive in this ad to add a decorative element that goes together with the message that the advertisement conveys.


I used Perpetua Regular font for the first version of this ad. I think it works, the font is easy to read and straightforward. The nature of this ad means that there might be a lot elderly people reading it, therefore an uncomplicated font will be appreciated, I kept the background white. The second version contains Bookman Old Style Regular. It is again a clear font making reading the ad easy. The second version seems to work better as the text is more readable and after comparing the two versions the first one looks more like an invitation.

Perpetua Regular

Perpetua Regular

Bookman Old Style Regular

Bookman Old Style Regular

The third commission is for a poster to advertise an after-school club for boys aged 13-14. The poster will be A3 size. I did research on posters for teenagers, they are usually very colourful, vibrant and at times loud.

teen_poster teen-summer-reading-club-poster

The colours I will use for this posters will be vibrant red and yellow and contrasting dark grey for the background and small text. I think it will make it stand out and attract attention of teenage boys. The background will allude to the popular ‘pow’ sign, but I do not want it to overpower as the text in the centre will be the main element. The background looks also a little like an old map.


I made two versions of this poster. In the first one for the first 3 lines I used Franklin Gothic Heavy font and for the rest of the text I used Bradley Hand ITC. In the second version I kept the same font for the top three questions and applied the pucker effect. The rest of the poster is written in the Kristen ITC font.

poster3version1 poster3version2


I am content with the 2 posters. I think the design suits the message the poster conveys. The questions on top are written in a large font and therefore should attract attention.

The last commission is for a flier for my friends’ engagement party that should look as an advertisement of a night club. It should be A5 size. Since the flier is supposed to look like an ad for a night club, I decided to incorporate a disco ball into my design. The headline will be placed on it and all the other details about the party will be placed underneath it. The background will be dark to keep with the night club theme. Version 1 has the headline written in Verdana Bold – capital letters, the bottom text is BBGlobal Serif Bold. Version 2 had the headline written in Cooper Std Strong and bottom text is Century Regular font.

Verdana Bold (top) BBGlobal Serif Bold (bottom)

Verdana Bold (top)
BBGlobal Serif Bold (bottom)

Cooper Std Strong (top) Century Regular (bottom)

Cooper Std Strong (top)
Century Regular (bottom)

This exercise allowed me to start paying proper attention to typefaces and to see their importance in a design. I have always thought that graphics are the priority, but can now appreciate how crucial typefaces are. The 4 commissions are all very different and I had to take different aspects into consideration while designing them.