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Reading images – Signs and symbols

The aim of this exercise is to create my own symbol for one of the following concepts: Danger, Movement, Love or Here. Keywords for Love come to mind easily, therefore I decided to create a symbol for Love.


After writing the keywords I started choosing the ones that will represent love in a clear and easy to understand way.


The symbols that I will use will be: dove, sun, heart and rose. The symbol I will make will be made up of the illustrations of those four symbols that are associated with love and they will spell the word ‘love’. I want to combine a number of symbols and colours into one as love represents something different to everyone, but the separate elements will be united to create the word love. I sketched those symbols on paper to see how they can represent each letter of the word love. The letter L will be represented by a flying dove, O will be a sun, V will be a heart and E will be a rose.

I made the illustrations in Illustrator, but was not pleased with it. The images look uninteresting:


I decided to use a different method and I drew the illustrations on paper with colour pencils. I filled up the shapes with different patterns. The letter L is a brown dove, O is a red sun, V is a green heart and E is a purple rose. I decided to shuffle the colours a little and not to use the most obvious colours in the images, therefore letter V is a green heart instead of a more obvious red.

20140729_203608_resized 20140729_203657_resized  20140729_203229_resized 20140729_203555_resized

I took pictures of the illustrations and transferred them into Photoshop, I was most happy with the layout of the letters in a square shape, with the two first letters on top and remaining two at the bottom.


I am happy with the way those four symbols look and work together and that I tried a different approach after the first one did not seem to work.