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Leaflet-part 2

I made the front of the leaflet quite colourful to attract attention and to add to the positive and energetic vibe. I included only the title and date of the event on the front page. The leaflet advertises a clean-up event in the local area, that is why I included a blue sky, green grass and a few flowers in the graphics.

The inside of the leaflet will contain all the information about the event and the back page will contain contact details.

I kept the inside and back of the leaflet plain with a bright blue sky and green text to keep with the ‘green’ theme of the event. I included a green frame around each page to contain and separate the elements within them.

Front of the closed leaflet

Front of the closed leaflet

Leaflet opened-side 1

Leaflet opened-side 1

Leaflet opened-side 2

Leaflet opened-side 2

















Part 2- Visualising your ideas, Leaflet-part1

I started this exercise by researching different ways of folding paper.

paper-fold-types-289x300   Standard-paper-folds


I can see why a plain design works best for low budget or simple projects as they are cheaper, easy to print, placing them on stands and reading them is less fidgety as you can see all the information without having to turn or unfold the leaflet to have a quick look.

On the other hand I see how unusual folded leaflets attract attention, look more unique, stand out and are more memorable. Here are some examples of unusual folds I found on the internet:

download      images (5) images (3)     images (2)

images (1)

My leaflet will advertise a local event where volunteers will be asked to clean up their local green area. Some of the cut outs resemble grass, trees or flowers as I thought they would suit the theme well.

20140512_133014 20140512_133545 20140512_134920 20140512_140409 20140512_140845 20140512_140913 20140512_142059 20140512_143043


Some of my ideas (especially the ones with flowers) looked too much like birthday cards and considering the Iimited budget that would most likely be available for a local event I decided to go for a Z (accordion) fold and I abandoned the idea of adding cut outs. That is the intendent fold for the leaflet:




Because there needs to be 4 chunks of text and space for contact details I thought that this design will be appropriate. When the leaflet is closed there will be the title on the front page to give a general idea and contact details on the back. After opening the leaflet you will be able to find out more information.