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Exercise: Book cover design, Cover 3

My third cover will be for ‘The First Men in the Moon’ by H.G. Wells.

I drew an illustration of the Moon in Illustrator. I used gradient, transparency and sponge effect from the Effect gallery to give the illustration some texture so it does not look generic.

moon  cover3extra


I added a dark blue background using similar effects. I wanted for the word ‘Moon’ in the title to overlap the picture of the Moon but I was not happy with the way it looked. In the end I kept the Moon in the lower centre of the cover with the right end of it cropped.

I kept the use of the Century Gothic bold font like with other covers and kept the colour of the text on the cover similar to the colour of the Moon.


Cover 3:

Cover for 'The First Men in the Moon' by H.G. Wells

Cover for ‘The First Men in the Moon’ by H.G. Wells


Exercise: Book cover design, Cover 2

My second cover will be for ‘The Sleeper Awakes’ by H.G. Wells.

After doing a research about the book I decided to put a silhouette of a man facing a background full of clocks. I traced the background in llustrator and filled it with a brown colour to match with the background. I used a free image I found on Google for the background and I lowered it’s transparency for the silhouette to be the main focus of the cover and for the text to be clearly visible.

man 6745182_434b6a7b21_o


I kept the book’s spine white to look similar to the first book’s spine as it’s supposed to be a series and I wanted the spines, Century Gothic font used on covers and spines and publisher’s logo to be the elements that will link the series of the three books.



Cover 2:


Cover for ‘The Sleeper Awakes’ by H.G. Wells



Exercise: Book cover design, Cover 1

1. For my first cover I chose ‘The Sea Lady’ by H.G. Wells. I decided to use an outline of a woman’s face with her hair flowing in the wind.



I used a photo of the sea I took a few years ago on a cruise to fill the outline.

055 hairoutline+sea


I wanted to keep the background simple, so I used a pattern with grey dots on a white background in Illustrator to allow the image in the centre to be more striking.

I used Century Gothic font for the title and author’s name on the cover and spine and I placed the publisher’s logo on the spine.



Cover 1:

Cover for 'The Sea Lady' by H.G. Wells

Cover for ‘The Sea Lady’ by H.G. Wells