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Exercise: Working to a brief

Creating packaging for Quaker’s new ‘Chilled Creamy Oats’ product.

1. What are you being asked to do?

I was asked to create packaging for Quaker’s new ‘Chilled Creamy Oats’ product for young women looking for a healthy snack. The target audience is busy young women who eat well but also like to have a tasty treat.

2. How will the client judge a successful outcome to the brief?

A successful outcome to the brief would be creating packaging for product that the target audience would find interesting, vibrant, eye catching, appealing, attractive and fun. Packaging that would clearly convey the nature of the product which is a healthy oat snack for busy young women.

A successful outcome to the brief would also present the oat snack as a healthy but also exciting product as many women like the idea of oats but find the idea of eating them boring.

The packaging would stand out enough to make the target audience interested and intrigued by it.

3. Keywords

Packaging, Quaker’s ‘Chilled Creamy Oats’, healthy, snack, young women, busy, vibrant, energetic, full for longer, treat, natural, goodness.