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Assignment 2, Card 3

The third card will be created for the purpose of wishing those well who are intending to take a vacation. One will be able to wish their friend a great holiday, especially if it is an exciting trip to an unusual place. The card will however be suitable for all kinds of holidays.

I want the card to look vibrant and energetic to allude to the excitement the receiver of the card will feel as they are just about to go on the awaited journey.

I started working on the card by making an illustration of a suitcase. I used a tutorial that I found online to make it, I added my own colours and patterns to the image.


I was happy with the illustration, but I struggled with ideas of adding further elements to complete the card.

I thought of adding cut outs from my own photos of some interesting places I have visited, but after thinking the idea through I did not think it would look well.

The second idea was to create a scenic view with the suitcase incorporated into it. I decided to go for a layered illustration. The layers will be made up of mountains, forest and a lake. The suitcase will be placed on a boat on the lake. I first sketched my ideas on paper to get a better idea of how the elements will look together.

20140714_162133_resized   20140714_162154_resized


I created the layers in Illustrator adding some colours and patters to each element to give it some depth and texture.



The wavy text saying ‘Enjoy your holiday…’ is supposed to resemble a water trail that the moving boat makes, but I do not think that I managed to implement the effect in a manner that would be clearly understood by the viewer. I kept the text white to make it clearly visible on the blue water and to keep with the idea of the water trail.

I experimented a lot with the background layers of mountains as I was not completely happy with the way they looked.

The card presents a calm and harmonious view. The mountains, forest and water add to the fresh, relaxing and ‘close to nature’ feel. I am happy with the idea of the lone suitcase in the drifting boat. It looks a little out-of-place and I hope that this element makes the card stand out. To me it is also symbolic how a sense of freedom can be associated with travel.

Card 3

I was not completely happy with the final result and after getting feedback from my tutor I decided to make a few changes. I replaced the images of the mountains and lake with corresponding elements that I cut out from my own photos:

104 IMG_0060 IMG_0044 004

I added sky made of a photo of snowy mountains. I kept the boat as it was in the previous version of the card, gave the suitcase a shadow effect and removed the decorative effect from the text.


Card 3

I much prefer this version of the card as it looks less cartoony and it looks like more effort was put into making it. I like the relationship of how elements of photos that I have taken on my own travels link with the context of the card. The changes that I have made also prompted me to start using Photoshop as my previous work was mostly done in Illustrator.





Assignment 2, Card 2

My second card will be to mark the occasion of somebody having their ears pierced. It will be a card made with adults in mind who  decided to now pierce their ears  as never got to do it as a child.

I started creating the card by sketching different kinds of earrings with a pencil. I wanted to include an earring on the card, so sketching different types of them was helpful.


I liked the peacock feather earring most as it had a flattering shape and it is quite colourful. I then drew it with colour pencils to see how the colours will work together, I also tried painting the earrings, but I was not happy with the outcome.


Next step was to draw the earring in Illustrator. It took me a few days to finish it as getting the colours and shapes of different layers took quite a lot of time. It was a bit frustrating at times, but I did feel that creation of the earring provided me with a lot of practise of this software.


I wanted to include text saying: Congratulations! You have pierced your ears! I tried to write the text myself  so I tried using different kinds of strokes in Illustrator, I also experimented with the word ‘earrings’ and tried to incorporate the image of the earrings into the word.

20140706_205837_resized  prictiseCongratsText

I went for a Segoe Print font in the end.


I applied a few effects to the final graphics to give them more depth:

Card 2

In the end I cropped the image on the card, so that the earring is more striking making the purpose of this card clearer. I moved the text from the front to the inside of the card as it will be a half fold card.

Card 2- front

   Card 2- front

Card 2-back

Card 2-back

I enjoyed creating this card, but was surprised how some elements required a lot of time to make, for example the earring. I had a clear idea of how I wanted the card to look, but during the process of making the card I struggled with making all the elements work together. I found creating this card more challenging than Card 1 for a new pet owner.



Assignment 2, Card 1

My first card will mark the occasion of getting a new pet. There is a large number of animals lovers, but I have not seen any cards you could buy to wish somebody good luck with their new animal friend and to show them you share and acknowledge their excitement.

The card will be suitable to be given to adults and children and will contain a mix of different breeds of animals that make most popular pets.

I started by sketching animals with a pencil. The idea is to include a number of them on the card with each of them having a different colour and a corresponding background.

20140623_130847_resized  20140623_130852_resized

20140623_130906_resized 20140623_130917_resized

When I was happy with the paper based illustrations I transferred them to Illustrator and started experimenting with different colour and layouts.


card6animals  cardGoingDown  dogInMiddle

I was happy with all layouts, but decided that the one with 6 squares looked neat and well-ordered.

I was also satisfied with another version of the same card. I removed the background squares and made all the animals the same colour with the images overlapping and with the overlapping space cut out.


I think I will go for the card with the six images placed on six squares as most of the buyers of this card will be children/very young adults  and the message portrayed by the illustration is more straightforward:


Card 1

I found creating this card rather enjoyable. The idea for it that I had in my mind at the beginning of the process did not really change during different stages of making the card as I was happy with what I was creating. I was happy with the animal outlines and I thought that the background squares worked well with the outlines. Leaving the rest of the card white prevented it from looking cluttered.

Point of sale display

I am asked to produce a point of sale display to go above fruit and vegetables in a local green grocer. They want the display to be seen from the street. The shop is small and is located in an area which also houses a baker, a newsagent and is on the route to a well respected primary school.

I decided to make the fruit and vegetables illustrations in Illustrator. The displays will be colourful as it is supposed to be seen from the street, bright colours will make fruit and vegetables look fresh and appealing and it will also make the display attractive to adults and children passing by on the way to the nearby school.

I had a look at those types of illustrations on the internet to get some ideas.




I drew some fruit and veg illustrations on paper first:


The next step was to create the illustrations in Illiustrator. The fruit and vegetable illustrations that I made took me a bit of time as I found getting the right colours and shapes challenging. I made most of the illustrations by trying to draw them myself and experimenting with different shapes, colours and effects. I used a tutorial that I found online for the chilli illustration.

I made 3 pairs of displays:

Pair 1

fruitDisplay    fruitDisplayFinished1

The first pair looks colourful with the yellow background and green frame, but I thought that the text and illustrations will stand out more against a white background.

Pair 2

vegDisplay2    fruitDisplayFinished2

The second pair has fruit and vegetables scattered on the displays, I thought it looked too busy and slightly messy.

Pair 3 – final:

vegDisplay3try     fruitDisplayFinished3


This third and final pair presents fruit and vegetables gathered together with the elements overlapping each other. That is the display I am most happy with.

Exercise: Too much or not enough information

I decided to make two posters advertising a flower show.

I did a research and I had a look at different posters advertising similar events.

images    images (3)    images (4)




I made simple illustrations of flowers to complement the posters:



The event is happening in my local area. One poster will be full of details about the event: the title of the event, when and where it is taking place, when it starts and finishes, how much is admission and I will include a full description about activities and competitions taking place at the flower show. There will be also information on where to go if you want to find out more about the event.

The second poster will contain minimum information. I will try to include as little as possible, but making sure that all the essential details are there so the poster serves its purpose correctly. The information on the poster will include: the title of the event, short description, when and where it is happening, admission price and where to get more information. There will be fewer graphics on this poster comparing to the detailed one.

I will keep the posters colourful as the event is a flower show. I would like the posters to look fresh, energetic, colourful, lively, vibrant and interesting. I want to coordinate colours of the graphics with colours of the text. The illustrations of flowers that I have made are vibrant green, pink and blue. The text will have corresponding colours.

I want to arrange the text in sections to make included information easy to read and to achieve a clean design. There will be space between sections of text and blocks of text will have different colours to make them stand out and to give a more energetic and lively appearance.

The two posters present the event in a way that is visually interesting and with clarity of content.

Poster 1 - full of details

Poster 1 – full of details

Poster 2 - with only essential information

Poster 2 – with only essential information


Leaflet-part 2

I made the front of the leaflet quite colourful to attract attention and to add to the positive and energetic vibe. I included only the title and date of the event on the front page. The leaflet advertises a clean-up event in the local area, that is why I included a blue sky, green grass and a few flowers in the graphics.

The inside of the leaflet will contain all the information about the event and the back page will contain contact details.

I kept the inside and back of the leaflet plain with a bright blue sky and green text to keep with the ‘green’ theme of the event. I included a green frame around each page to contain and separate the elements within them.

Front of the closed leaflet

Front of the closed leaflet

Leaflet opened-side 1

Leaflet opened-side 1

Leaflet opened-side 2

Leaflet opened-side 2
















Part 2- Visualising your ideas, Leaflet-part1

I started this exercise by researching different ways of folding paper.

paper-fold-types-289x300   Standard-paper-folds


I can see why a plain design works best for low budget or simple projects as they are cheaper, easy to print, placing them on stands and reading them is less fidgety as you can see all the information without having to turn or unfold the leaflet to have a quick look.

On the other hand I see how unusual folded leaflets attract attention, look more unique, stand out and are more memorable. Here are some examples of unusual folds I found on the internet:

download      images (5) images (3)     images (2)

images (1)

My leaflet will advertise a local event where volunteers will be asked to clean up their local green area. Some of the cut outs resemble grass, trees or flowers as I thought they would suit the theme well.

20140512_133014 20140512_133545 20140512_134920 20140512_140409 20140512_140845 20140512_140913 20140512_142059 20140512_143043


Some of my ideas (especially the ones with flowers) looked too much like birthday cards and considering the Iimited budget that would most likely be available for a local event I decided to go for a Z (accordion) fold and I abandoned the idea of adding cut outs. That is the intendent fold for the leaflet:




Because there needs to be 4 chunks of text and space for contact details I thought that this design will be appropriate. When the leaflet is closed there will be the title on the front page to give a general idea and contact details on the back. After opening the leaflet you will be able to find out more information.