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Assignment 1, Postcards-further experimenting.

Card 1

I experimented further with the card. I painted it again to give it less of an opaque look and more of a textured look. I cut out the stork and letters saying Polska and positioned them in a few different ways.

20140428_132422 20140428_132956




I thought that letters positioned close to the top of the block of red with the stork facing them looked best.


  Card 1 – front 

Card 1 - back

Card 1 – back


Card 2

I replaced the green frame with a frame made of text saying ‘Fashion’. I tried a few different shapes and fonts for the frame. Fonts Monotype Corsiva and Eccentric Std worked best.

textframe1 textframe2 textframe3

In the end I went for a green frame made out of the word ‘Fashion’ written multiple times in Monotype Corsiva. I decided to write it with a capital letter F to make words in the frame more readable. I also painted the dress with green and brown watercolours.

Card 2 - front

Card 2 – front

Card 2 - back

Card 2 – back




Card 3 

I tried to add a simple image of a runway , but I was not happy with the way it was not clearly communicating what it was intending to portray. I thought that a subtle vapour trail complemented the plane better and gave it a sense of movement.

Card 3 - front

Card 3 – front

Card 3 - back

Card 3 – back




Card 3

I started working on card number 3.

The card is going to represent my love for travelling. I wanted to incorporate text into a shape of a plane as it is the most obvious symbol of travelling. I experimented with the word ‘Travel’ , but decided to go for a longer saying ‘Come fly with me’.



I wanted to use a font that would allude to a sense of freedom and spontaneity. I worked on trying to fit the text into the outline on paper and then I traced it in Adobe Illustrator.

I wanted photos that I took on my travels to be a part of the card. A picture of a street taken at night in Tokyo suited the purpose as it is full of lively colours. My first idea for background was to use a picture of the sky with crossed vapour trails, but it made the card a little too busy.



I decided to go for a plain blue background that has a gradient of white towards the centre.



I also like the text filled up with a picture of a skyscraper in Tokyo on white background.




Postcards Part 3

Card 1

For my first card with the stork I decided to add text saying ‘Polska’, meaning Poland in Polish language. In my opinion the flag combined with the text and image of a stork will complete the idea and allow for a clearer message to be conveyed.





I like the two options that I posted. One with the white text on the red area of the flag and second with red text just below the block of red. I thought that the bottom corner of the card will allow for the main image to be the first thing a viewer of the card will focus on.




Card 2

I experimented with frames and I think that a frame could add to the picture and compliment it. I want to keep it uncomplicated as the image inside of it is simple and I do not think that a busy frame would be suitable.




In the end I went for a simple green frame that I added in Adobe Illustrator. The tone of the frame compliments the dark tone of the figure.



Postcards, part 2

I have painted two of my postcards.


I like the way the one with the stork incorporated  into the flag looks and the contrast of white and strong red colour.



For the second card I chose to stay with the concept of the outline sketch of a woman wearing a long dress. I like the simple look about it. I am thinking whether I should add a delicate frame around it. I am happy with the way it is, but I can understand that for some people the card might look a bit bare.

The cards are A6 size and are painted with water colours.

Assignment 1, Postcards, Introducing yourself

I started working on the cards for assignment 1. I decided to create the cards on paper.

Card 1

I was born in Poland, so I would like for my first card to represent my origin. At the beginning I was considering having an outline of a map of Poland on white background and filling this outline with eagle’s feathers, as an eagle is the national coat of arms of Poland. I decided to drop the idea after experimenting with it, as it looked quite predictable.

I still want to stick to the Polish theme, but in a different form. So, my new idea for the first card is combining the Polish flag (white and red colours) with an image of a stork, which is the symbol of Poland. I find storks very graceful and they are so typical for Poland. I also think that a simple outline of a stork would look interesting.

20140223_160011Preliminary sketch for card 1

Card 2

For my second card, I want it to represent my interest in fashion. I have read a number of books recently about Polish fashion in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The last book I read is called ‘Moda w przedwojennej Polsce’ (‘Fashion in prewar Poland’) by Anna Sieradzka. I like the illustrations from that time so I will try to make my own based on what I found while reading this book.

20140223_160100Preliminary sketch for card 2

I will start now with drawing/painting the cards, so they stand out in colour and I will start thinking about ideas for the third card.