In my previous research I concentrated more on images than typography. I found a very interesting use of typography on non-format.com, my main focus was to concentrate on designs containing letters.

1260_book_cover_stack_02 1260_Sølve_SUNDSBØ_02_825_550_90_s_c1 ballard-39_825_550_90_s_c1 gill01_825_550_90_s_c1 logos00_825_550_90_s_c1 merlin12 mordknull22_825_550_90_s_c1 otto04 tdc2014-02_825_550_90_s_c1 timestomorrow10 timestomorrow13_825_550_90_s_c1

The main purpose of those designs is to present type in a catching and intriguing way. There are also some playful fonts presented, they would not be suitable for continuous text as they are not easily read, but I am sure they would grab one’s attention while used in headings. I found the manner that the meaning of the letters and numbers not being immediately obvious but requiring me to look longer than normal compared to plain text to be a very good approach to drawing in a viewer’s attention. That the font stands almost alone in the images is a good indicator of its strength, this is in the sense of the font not complementing an image or other element of the composition but standing on its own.


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