Jozef Mroszczak

Jozek Mroszczak was a Polish graphic designer and representative of the Polish School of Posters. I came across Jozek Miszczak’s work while studying poster designs on

03 Book cover- Poland- 1950- The Escalator 3477d7a8e9f1364fd10db99108ceac3e gd04jl11 images images (1) images (2)

His cover for ‘Elektryczne Schody’ by K.I.Galczynski (first illustration) reminded me of Ed Kutz’s designs, that I researched early in the course. His designs are very colourful and painting-like. Placing elements on top of each other and merging into one is a method that is often used. His work is simplistic, there is a great deal of colourful blocks creating the final design. It seems his designs convey a message with minimum means.


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