The French Hen

In this exercise I will design a cover for food and cocktail menu, outside signage, a cutout for a window detail, t-shirt for the staff, paper napkins and beermats for Newton and Ridley brewers. They are opening a new cafe/wine bar nearer the city centre. The bar is designed to appeal to younger women and sophisticated young men. The venue will be relaxed and in direct competition with the cheap ‘binge drinking’ venues on the same street.

I used my sketchbook for developing an image of a hen that I want to include in the logo. Some of the illustrations look typical, some more humourous. The venue is designed to appeal to young and sophisticated people, so  humourous logos might not be what the client is looking for.

20150327_111053 finallogoexp hen1 logo1

I also worked in Illustrator with the fonts and images. I tried out several ways of placing the name of the venue and the image of a hen together. I also worked further on the image. The following are 3 logos that I would present to the client:


My favourite is the one at the bottom and this is what I am going to use in this exercise, it is a simple image of a hen and venue’s name written in the Candara Bold font:



The logo is simple and clear and should reproduce well in black and white. It also should work well in different scales. The outside signage consists of a banner placed above the door and window with the venue’s name and a cutout for a window with the logo. I placed the logo on the menus, napkins and staff’s t-shirts. I think it looks good on white and beige backgrounds. The beermat shares a similar design, at the back of it there is a ‘drink sensibly’ message, it is placed on a half-empty beer glass.

cocktailmenu   foodmenu front napkin shirtbeermats

I think my logo is appropriate for the venue. I like the way it is presented on the different items. I hope its simplicity and colour range will differ the venue in comparison with the cheap ‘binge drinking’ venues on the same street.


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