Bruno Monguzzi

Bruno Monguzzi (born 1941) is a Swiss graphic designer. He blends photography and typography in his striking designs.

36ab572c3e7b6d84fc9e130e541de4c2    Layout 1 BrunoMonguzzi1999  brunomonguzzi01-1265819326

Most of his work consists of a mix of basic figures: circles, rectangles, long blocks arranged together forming a bold design. The background is usually white, that allows for the figures to be more prominent and dramatic. Bruno Monguzzi’s designs do not contain many elements, his use of colour is also quite modest. He seems to favour black, white and red in his work.

bruno-monguzzi imagesbruno-monguzzi-02

His designs are dynamic, that is achieved by the use of typography that varies in size, as well as different figures that are put on the top of each other, they lean on each other or are placed together in a way that seems to disobey rules.


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