Poster and flyer

I am asked to design an A4 poster and an accompanying double sided A6 flyer to promote a singing course run by an organisation called SingOut. The poster will be printed on black and white photocopier, colour paper can be used. First, I had a look at the information I need to include on the poster and flyer and I put it in the right order. First will be ‘Do you love to sing?, then  the short description of the event to give a good idea about the nature of the course. The following will be information on where and when the event is happening, price and ‘no experience needed’ information. The poster and flyer will end with the phone number and website address. I think all the essential info is there. I just noticed that there is no age group mentioned, so I guess anyone can attend. I also thought of mentioning the organiser’s name in the description, but the name is in the website address, so that might do. All the information will be included on the poster and I think of placing the ‘Do you love to sing?’ along with an illustration on the front of the flyer and the rest of the info on the back. I had a look at those type of posters online, they are very different from what I am supposed to design, as they contain colour graphics that would not photocopy well. I used my sketchbook for experimenting with the illustrations I will include in my design.

2011_SingComp_Poster_A2_v2  download download (1) singing-out-proud-poster 20150315_123109

I decided to include a simple illustration of a microphone with a stand, it should reproduce well on a photocopier, the image is black, without any shading etc. The paper used for the poster and flyer will be yellow to add some colour to the design. My first idea was for the ‘Do you love to sing?’ to be written by using the microphone’s cable. I tried this idea several times, but I could not get it right. It looked messy and the cable idea was not clear.

try2ai try3

Next, I decided to use BBAlpha Sans font instead of the handwritten question. I tried several ways of placing the text and the microphone together. I was not particulary happy with any of them, but I decided to go for the text placed to the right of the stand and very close to it for the front of the leaflet.

try4 try5 try6

The back of the leaflet contains all the remaining info. I used the same font as on the fron of the flyer, I just adjusted its weight and size.






The poster and the flyer will share a similar design to link them together. The microphone and ‘Do you like to sing’ are placed on the top of the poster. The middle section contains the description of the event and the bottom part includes all the remaining info about the course. I again used the BBAlpha font because it is easily read. I think that it is important espacially for the poster that will be seen from the distance.



This exercise was another case of having an idea I was happy with at the beginning of the exercise, but then when it is done and I see it on my computer screen-it looks completely different from what I was hoping for. I am somewhat happy with the final design, but it was a bit of a downer after the last 2 exercises that I really enjoyed.



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