Alan Kitching

Alan Kitching is a British graphic designer, animator, architect and software developer. He is one of the world’s foremost practitioners of the letterpress typographic design and printmaking. His previous clients include: Dazed & Confused, Royal Mail, Penguin Books, Clarks Shoes, AOL and The Guardian.

debutart_alan-kitching_6154 debutart_alan-kitching_10343 debutart_alan-kitching_13335

He is best known for his atypical use of the letterpress, as well as for his pioneering work in computer animation. His huge achievement was creating a general-purpose animation program called ‘Antics’.

debutart_alan-kitching_179 debutart_alan-kitching_14858

I particularly liked his letterpress designs, they are bold and he is also very playful with the size and positioning of the letters. The letters are usually quite striking thanks to their large size and brave use of colour. A simple white background seems to be a popular feature in his designs. His work has a very ‘handmade’ and ‘painted’ feel, worlds apart from the current digital age. His work just goes to show how much can be shown and expressed by his clever ways of playing with letterpress composition.


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