Birthday list

I am asked to make up a birthday list for myself. It needs to look well executed as it will be pinned to a noticeboard or wall. I will collect birthdays of my friends and family. I will need their name and birth date. I will also include info whether or not I buy them presents, send a card, text message or email. I started this exercise by collecting birth dates of my closest friends and family. I will place names and dates on my list as well as whether my friends and family will get a present, a card or text on their birthday. I used my sketchbook for trying out a few ideas.

20150307_140343The first idea I tried out was to take a picture of 12 paper sheets and place each month on them. I used two different backgrounds and placed sheets in different orders.

20150302_121015 20150302_121132

b'daylist1 b'daylist2

The first list has a black background, sheets are placed in 2 columns. Names of months are written in Segoe Script Bold and names and dates in BBAlpha Serif Regular. The list is black and white and has a simplistic look. The second version uses a similar idea concerning the background with the sheets of paper. the background colour changed and the sheets are placed in 3 columns. The names of months are written vertically in Arial Bold and names and dates in BBAlpha Serif Regular. I like this version, it looks like the paper notes were scattered on a desk, after being typed out in a type writer. I left some room on each note to add more dates and names if required.

The third list turned out to be my favourite. I experimented further with the second idea from the sketchbook. I planned on placing colour blocks containing months’ names  and placing dates and people’s names on the sides, with January being placed on the left, February on the right, March on left and so on. I decided to use only the 3 first letters of months’ names to give a more consistent look, I also placed red block going down the page to connect the red blocks, so the red element flows down the page. While experimenting with the fonts, I decided to make text in the boxes too large to contain within the red borders, I like the way in some cases it spills out of the boxes into the white background. The edges of letters ‘M’ and ‘N’ ‘get lost’ in the background. I chose vibrant red for the centre element as I wanted to keep the sides black and white and written in small font. I also thought that a bit of colour will differ the list from the previous two. Text in red blocks is written in Arial Bold capital letters and small text on the sides in BBAlpha Serif Regular.


The fourth list is made with kids in mind. I used doodles for this design. I drew all the things that are associated with birthdays.

b'daydoodles The names and dates are places in colourful clouds. This design is a little too busy and colorful for my liking, but I wanted to try a design that kids might find attractive.

b'daylist4This last version looks very loud and busy comparing to the previous lists. I used Hobo Std Medium and Euphemia Regular fonts. I thought the names of the months will look playful along with doodles around them, but I kept people’s names and dates simple.

My favourite design is the third one, I am really happy with the way the red element flows from the top to the bottom of the page, the colours look well together and the whole idea works and looks attractive and interesting. The last list, on the other hand, is not really my cup of tea. Too many colours, too much going on, but I am glad I tried it out as not everything I make has to be to my taste.


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