Giving information

In this exercise I am going to describe my immediate surroundings using information graphics. I considered describing the journey to my work, the layout in my my wardrobes or the layout of my apartment. I decided on the latter. I was really looking forward to this exercise, for some reason describing the layout of my home seemed really appealing and exciting. I had a look online at different plans before I started working on my one.

aprplan live-work-apartment-9-404x600 studio

I started with a few sketches in my sketching book. The first one was very quick, just a rough sketch of all the rooms and their names. The second one concentrates on scale. The third plan has more accurate dimensions, I decided to add some basic furniture to make the plan more detailed and personal.

20150225_120640 20150225_120700

The fourth plan is the final one. I made the layout look neater here. I used a brown pencil for the walls and made lines quite thick to make clear divisions on the plan. I added a bit of colour to the furniture to make the plan more dynamic.

20150225_120721My first thought was to make this plan on paper. It was a natural progress from the rough sketches. I included rooms’ names on the outside of the plan, but even without the descriptions the furniture gives a good idea on what rooms there are.

While looking at different apartment plans on the internet I came across, it allowed me to create my plan on my computer very easily. I thought it was a good alternative to the paper version and I was just curious to see how it would work. It was very straight forward, allowing me to add furniture, plants etc to the plan.

aptEven though I have lived in my apartment for the last 10 years, I have never looked at its layout in such detail. I was surprised how hard I had to think while making the first sketches. It took me some time to get the proportions right. This exercise was very different and I throughly enjoyed it. It was great to make something on paper again.



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