Nous Vous Collective

Nous Vous are a collective of image-makers working across illustration, print design and animation. A few images in particular caught my eye. They are very simplistic in their form, therefore seem to be more striking.

Marathon-print-Final-Version-600x600 NB5-550x700 Nicolas_Burrows_Wrap_Pattern_Collage-500x700The images have a handmade look and contain bold and colourful graphics. I like the simplistic look. Lots of graphics we see on posters, brochures etc look very over processed, with lots of different effects applied to them. Those few images that I chose are a nice break from all those polished graphics. They are raw, striking, dynamic and playful.

SpyBook1-600x345 things A number of the images either have a strong symmetry or allusion to it, which helps with the impact. The impact is also strengthened by the clean graphical element that contain blocks of colour or tone.



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