The visual word, Playing with words.

I am asked to create typographical representations of a number of words that present both the word and a suggestion of its meaning.

I started the exercise by thinking of each word’s meaning and the best way I can present the word and communicate its meaning. I used Illustrator for this exercise. I tried to use different fonts, colours, effects and I added some symbols in order to communicate the meaning in a better way, like arrows in ‘Speed’ and air bubbles in ‘Sinking’.

words5 words4 words3 words2 words1

It was interesting how all the elements can help with creating typographical representations. You can suspect the word’s meaning by the way it is presented, even without fully understanding the word. I am happy with some of my choices. I think the word ‘Stodgy’ looks heavy, saggy and bulky. I used Black Std font and I bulged it, alluding to the feeling of heaviness. I used an elegant Edwardian Script ITC font for ‘Style’. I kept it black on a white background. It reminds me of expensive cosmetics or perfume packaging. Black and green ‘Stoned’ is supposed to represent feeling stoned and the colours I used allude to the colour of grass. I used Giddyup Std font and I applied an effect to make the word look confused, high, dazed, spaced out and smokey. ‘Sad’ is simply shaped like a sad face. I used green for ‘Safe’ to give it a feeling of assurance and peace, I chose a sturdy and clear Brazil Regular font in capital letters. I am content with the look of ‘Shadow’. I used Impact font, distorted it and applied shadow effect. The way the word is distorted looks like the shadow is created by an ajar door. I like the way the size increases along with the word. ‘Shattered’ is supposed to resemble broken glass pieces. First letters of ‘Sinking’ are sinking to the bottom with the rest of the letters following. The dots above letter ‘i’ are air bubbles. ‘Silly’ with its Jokerman font is easy to picture on a kids party invitation or on a poster for a children’s entertainer. I presented ‘Smart’ with Bookman Old Style font. I wanted to keep it simple and classic, without any colourful effects. To present the meaning, I made the word look like a technical drawing. ‘Squeeze’ is quite obvious, the word is squeezed. I applied an effect to ‘Sordid’ to make it look sketchy and not very clear.

I am not sure how good of a job I did with ‘Sodden’. If it was not for the added elements like drops of water and a washing line, I do not know think the word could explain its meaning just by standing on its own. I also was not sure how to present ‘Swagger’, the only thing I could think of was a dollar sign.

I enjoyed this exercise. It made me look at words and how they can be represented in a more inquisitive and thought through way.




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