Ed Kluz

Ed Kluz is an artist, illustrator and printmaker. He was born in Suffolk and studied art at Winchester School of Art. His work can be found in the form of posters, book covers and fabrics. He finds inspiration in the historical objects, buildings, landscape and folklore of Britain.

ed3   images

I really took pleasure in researching Ed Klutz’s work. It felt it was like looking through an old storybook, that is full of beautiful illustrations. Ed’s work has a sense of something that is lost or no longer exists, but we can still enjoy it through his work. The images are full of colours and are very vibrant, but at the same time they are quite mysterious, by the use of dramatic light and dark colours for a more intense contrast.

invite front His work is full of historic landscapes as the artist is clearly fascinated by the past. There is often an image of an old country house. The images are also very detailed and seem to tell a story.  Ed Kluz has his own definite style and most of his paintings consist of landscape and building motives, that are often framed by wild foliage, which makes the illustrations more dramatic  and adds to the mystery of his creations.

1399-400 His style is quite decorative with great attention to detail. I like his collage style, there is usually one building in his pieces, that is placed in the centre and except for the dramatic light effects and foliage that frames the view, there is not many other elements, which makes the object in the centre very stong and striking.


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