Bjorn Copeland

Bjorn Copeland was born in New York, he is a contemporary visual artist and musician.

I found his work to be very different comparing to the work of other artists that I researched during this course. It is very experimental and brave. His designs are multicoloured , with very differently looking elements thrown together to make up his loud pieces. Bjorn Copeland is not afraid to be different with his vibrant and intense designs.

326236579122_LWKFJkhH_l   bjorncopeland   Copeland-ColorSlide   waistExpander

The four designs above seem a little overdone and cluttered, there is a lot going on on each of them, but I like the way he uses lots of patterns in each piece making it interesting to look at.

images   images (1)

I like the two designs above. It is not just the psychedelic patterns that he seems to use a lot. The incorporated photos give a deeper and clearer meaning. I like the way the colourful pieces frame the dynamic group of people on the first design and the second one with the striking rabbits’ eyes  in the centre of the image.



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