Visual dynamics – Seeing the light

I am asked to create 20 different designs using an image of a light bulb, the word ‘light bulb’ and a block of colour.

I chose to use a yellow block in my designs as I thought it would go well with the image of a light bulb, the image contains very muted colours so the yellow provides a vibrant contrast. For the word ‘light bulb’ I chose a black Calibri Regular font to stand out against the other two elements. I experimented a lot with all three elements trying to change their size, cropping the photo and using the yellow block as a background for the whole design, as a single block or just as a yellow line resembling the beam of light that the bulb generates.

I really enjoyed this exercise, it was interesting to see how a small number of elements can allow for such a large number of different designs when their size, position etc is altered  and how the dynamics between them change.

1  2  3  4  5


6  7  8  9  10


11  12  13  14  15


16  17  18  19  20

I am content with the 20 designs. I think that the image of the light bulb, the black font and the yellow block make up a light and fresh design. My favourite is the design with the white background, large black lettering going across and the little image of the light bulb placed as a dot above the letter ‘i’ with the beam of light:


I also like the more classic design with the word ‘light bulb’ placed on top as a title and the clear image of the light bulb resting on the yellow rectangle. It is a predictable concept, but I like the way it is uncomplicated and direct:







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