Understanding colour

I am asked to create two grids of squares, filling one with colours that I like and the other one with colours that I dislike.

I created 2 rows of 4 squares each. The 4 squares on top are colours that I like: pale blue, black, white and brown. The bottom line of squares contains colours that I am not so fond of.


After putting the colours I like together I noticed that they do not really attract attention as they are not vibrant and look rather serious. I have always liked black and white (separately or together), dark brown as it is a very earthy colour and bright blue as I find it calming and delicate.

On the other hand the 4 colours in the bottom row contain colours I have no liking for. I do not really hate any colours, but if I had to choose 4 colours that I dislike, it would be those. The orange and green (together or separately) always remind of a carrot and pea mix I had to eat and hated as a child, but I am fond of dark greens, but this bright one does not appeal to me, just as the light purple and khaki. Those colours seem to be much softer than the ones in the top row. I cannot really say which row looks better, but I do realize that most of the colours I picked as my favourite ones are rather dark and restrained. The bottom row, even though not my favourite, is looking much lighter, happy and gentle.

Below are colour combinations I created based on the 2 rows of colours above.



Different combinations of two colours to illustrate the following ideas:






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