Flat Holm Society competition

I am taking part in a competition to design the new Flat Holm Society logo (http://flatholmsociety.org.uk/). The Flat Holm Society is a charity that helps protect the wildlife and historic environment of Flat Holm Island. The new logo should fit either a circle or square shape and should be recognisable on a small or large scale.

I had a look at photos of the island and one of the main landmarks is a beautiful white lighthouse. I decided to incorporate it in the logo along with the organization’s name: Flat Holm Society. The ‘Flat Holm’ text is written in the Copperplate Gothic Bold font and ‘Society’ is written in Copperplate Gothic Light font. I used two slightly different fonts to add some variety. I made a simple illustration of the lighthouse based on the photos I have seen of it. I kept the image basic for it to be print-friendly, clean and distinctive. The two colours I have chosen (white R=255, G=255, B=255 and blue R=0, G=113, B=188) represent the colour of the sea, sky and the lighthouse, but they also stand for tranquility that is so significant to the island as the mix of the two colours is rather calming and relaxed.

My 'Flat Holm Society' logo

My ‘Flat Holm Society’ logo



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