Assignment 2, Card 3

The third card will be created for the purpose of wishing those well who are intending to take a vacation. One will be able to wish their friend a great holiday, especially if it is an exciting trip to an unusual place. The card will however be suitable for all kinds of holidays.

I want the card to look vibrant and energetic to allude to the excitement the receiver of the card will feel as they are just about to go on the awaited journey.

I started working on the card by making an illustration of a suitcase. I used a tutorial that I found online to make it, I added my own colours and patterns to the image.


I was happy with the illustration, but I struggled with ideas of adding further elements to complete the card.

I thought of adding cut outs from my own photos of some interesting places I have visited, but after thinking the idea through I did not think it would look well.

The second idea was to create a scenic view with the suitcase incorporated into it. I decided to go for a layered illustration. The layers will be made up of mountains, forest and a lake. The suitcase will be placed on a boat on the lake. I first sketched my ideas on paper to get a better idea of how the elements will look together.

20140714_162133_resized   20140714_162154_resized


I created the layers in Illustrator adding some colours and patters to each element to give it some depth and texture.



The wavy text saying ‘Enjoy your holiday…’ is supposed to resemble a water trail that the moving boat makes, but I do not think that I managed to implement the effect in a manner that would be clearly understood by the viewer. I kept the text white to make it clearly visible on the blue water and to keep with the idea of the water trail.

I experimented a lot with the background layers of mountains as I was not completely happy with the way they looked.

The card presents a calm and harmonious view. The mountains, forest and water add to the fresh, relaxing and ‘close to nature’ feel. I am happy with the idea of the lone suitcase in the drifting boat. It looks a little out-of-place and I hope that this element makes the card stand out. To me it is also symbolic how a sense of freedom can be associated with travel.

Card 3

I was not completely happy with the final result and after getting feedback from my tutor I decided to make a few changes. I replaced the images of the mountains and lake with corresponding elements that I cut out from my own photos:

104 IMG_0060 IMG_0044 004

I added sky made of a photo of snowy mountains. I kept the boat as it was in the previous version of the card, gave the suitcase a shadow effect and removed the decorative effect from the text.


Card 3

I much prefer this version of the card as it looks less cartoony and it looks like more effort was put into making it. I like the relationship of how elements of photos that I have taken on my own travels link with the context of the card. The changes that I have made also prompted me to start using Photoshop as my previous work was mostly done in Illustrator.





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