Assignment 2, Card 2

My second card will be to mark the occasion of somebody having their ears pierced. It will be a card made with adults in mind who  decided to now pierce their ears  as never got to do it as a child.

I started creating the card by sketching different kinds of earrings with a pencil. I wanted to include an earring on the card, so sketching different types of them was helpful.


I liked the peacock feather earring most as it had a flattering shape and it is quite colourful. I then drew it with colour pencils to see how the colours will work together, I also tried painting the earrings, but I was not happy with the outcome.


Next step was to draw the earring in Illustrator. It took me a few days to finish it as getting the colours and shapes of different layers took quite a lot of time. It was a bit frustrating at times, but I did feel that creation of the earring provided me with a lot of practise of this software.


I wanted to include text saying: Congratulations! You have pierced your ears! I tried to write the text myself  so I tried using different kinds of strokes in Illustrator, I also experimented with the word ‘earrings’ and tried to incorporate the image of the earrings into the word.

20140706_205837_resized  prictiseCongratsText

I went for a Segoe Print font in the end.


I applied a few effects to the final graphics to give them more depth:

Card 2

In the end I cropped the image on the card, so that the earring is more striking making the purpose of this card clearer. I moved the text from the front to the inside of the card as it will be a half fold card.

Card 2- front

   Card 2- front

Card 2-back

Card 2-back

I enjoyed creating this card, but was surprised how some elements required a lot of time to make, for example the earring. I had a clear idea of how I wanted the card to look, but during the process of making the card I struggled with making all the elements work together. I found creating this card more challenging than Card 1 for a new pet owner.




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