Assignment 2, Card 1

My first card will mark the occasion of getting a new pet. There is a large number of animals lovers, but I have not seen any cards you could buy to wish somebody good luck with their new animal friend and to show them you share and acknowledge their excitement.

The card will be suitable to be given to adults and children and will contain a mix of different breeds of animals that make most popular pets.

I started by sketching animals with a pencil. The idea is to include a number of them on the card with each of them having a different colour and a corresponding background.

20140623_130847_resized  20140623_130852_resized

20140623_130906_resized 20140623_130917_resized

When I was happy with the paper based illustrations I transferred them to Illustrator and started experimenting with different colour and layouts.


card6animals  cardGoingDown  dogInMiddle

I was happy with all layouts, but decided that the one with 6 squares looked neat and well-ordered.

I was also satisfied with another version of the same card. I removed the background squares and made all the animals the same colour with the images overlapping and with the overlapping space cut out.


I think I will go for the card with the six images placed on six squares as most of the buyers of this card will be children/very young adults  and the message portrayed by the illustration is more straightforward:


Card 1

I found creating this card rather enjoyable. The idea for it that I had in my mind at the beginning of the process did not really change during different stages of making the card as I was happy with what I was creating. I was happy with the animal outlines and I thought that the background squares worked well with the outlines. Leaving the rest of the card white prevented it from looking cluttered.


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