The Irish Alphabet in Botanical Art exhibition

I went to the National Botanical Gardens in Glasnevin, Dublin to view the Irish Alphabet in Botanical Art exhibition.


It is an exhibition of paintings of Irish artists. In their work they marry native plant species with the capital letter of their name in Irish. The collection celebrates the Irish language, native Irish plants and botanical art.

  20140622_120322  20140622_120330

There was a new font developed for those paintings and the letters represent all 16 letters of the Irish alphabet. The images are very precise and look so realistic, you can see how before the camera they facilitated science. The Irish letters are an interesting addition to the plant illustrations. The paintings look very demanding and it is obvious how great patience and lots of practise played a big role in their creation. In these images I liked that although the plants have been drawn in full detail there is still a minimalistic and uncluttered feel to the images, this is due to the plain white background and soft grey hue of the letters.



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