Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser is a designer, illustrator and typographer. I did not know who he was before this research, but I instantly recognised his designs when I looked for examples of his work.



His best-known work is the I love NY logo. The slogan is so simple, yet so effective. It is interesting to see how just three capital letters and a heart symbol became so popular and instantly recognisable. The logo is very frequently imitated.

download (1)


Another example of Glaser’s well-known work is the Bob Dylan poster. It is a dark profile with contrasting striking colours. The poster was inspired by Art Nouveau and its colours and shapes were influenced by it. I like the way the black colour is contrasting with multi-coloured rainbow of hair and how the busy hair and simple dark profile complement each other.

Glacer’s work consist of a wide range of design disciplines. He designed logos, buildings, posters, advertisements, magazines, book covers, etc. He is also a co-founder of Push Pin Studios and New York magazine.



His logos are simple, direct, clear and very distinctive which in my opinion makes him a great graphic designer. He has been very successful as so much of his work is recognised around the world and if you do not know his name you are sure to know his work.


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