Point of sale display

I am asked to produce a point of sale display to go above fruit and vegetables in a local green grocer. They want the display to be seen from the street. The shop is small and is located in an area which also houses a baker, a newsagent and is on the route to a well respected primary school.

I decided to make the fruit and vegetables illustrations in Illustrator. The displays will be colourful as it is supposed to be seen from the street, bright colours will make fruit and vegetables look fresh and appealing and it will also make the display attractive to adults and children passing by on the way to the nearby school.

I had a look at those types of illustrations on the internet to get some ideas.




I drew some fruit and veg illustrations on paper first:


The next step was to create the illustrations in Illiustrator. The fruit and vegetable illustrations that I made took me a bit of time as I found getting the right colours and shapes challenging. I made most of the illustrations by trying to draw them myself and experimenting with different shapes, colours and effects. I used a tutorial that I found online for the chilli illustration.

I made 3 pairs of displays:

Pair 1

fruitDisplay    fruitDisplayFinished1

The first pair looks colourful with the yellow background and green frame, but I thought that the text and illustrations will stand out more against a white background.

Pair 2

vegDisplay2    fruitDisplayFinished2

The second pair has fruit and vegetables scattered on the displays, I thought it looked too busy and slightly messy.

Pair 3 – final:

vegDisplay3try     fruitDisplayFinished3


This third and final pair presents fruit and vegetables gathered together with the elements overlapping each other. That is the display I am most happy with.


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