Exercise: Too much or not enough information

I decided to make two posters advertising a flower show.

I did a research and I had a look at different posters advertising similar events.

images    images (3)    images (4)




I made simple illustrations of flowers to complement the posters:



The event is happening in my local area. One poster will be full of details about the event: the title of the event, when and where it is taking place, when it starts and finishes, how much is admission and I will include a full description about activities and competitions taking place at the flower show. There will be also information on where to go if you want to find out more about the event.

The second poster will contain minimum information. I will try to include as little as possible, but making sure that all the essential details are there so the poster serves its purpose correctly. The information on the poster will include: the title of the event, short description, when and where it is happening, admission price and where to get more information. There will be fewer graphics on this poster comparing to the detailed one.

I will keep the posters colourful as the event is a flower show. I would like the posters to look fresh, energetic, colourful, lively, vibrant and interesting. I want to coordinate colours of the graphics with colours of the text. The illustrations of flowers that I have made are vibrant green, pink and blue. The text will have corresponding colours.

I want to arrange the text in sections to make included information easy to read and to achieve a clean design. There will be space between sections of text and blocks of text will have different colours to make them stand out and to give a more energetic and lively appearance.

The two posters present the event in a way that is visually interesting and with clarity of content.

Poster 1 - full of details

Poster 1 – full of details

Poster 2 - with only essential information

Poster 2 – with only essential information



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