Edward Fella

I researched the work of Edward Fella – an American graphic designer, artist and educator.

size500_illustype_edfella_alphabet_500  graphic_designer_ed_fella_023

I find his hand-drawn lettering very interesting. His approach to typography seems to be very personal and unique. The typefaces vary in sizes and shapes, some of them are very simple and others contain lots of different colours and elements.

Some of his work looks abstract and has a feel of wildness achieved by mixing very different looking styles of fonts.

postt_2009_calendarHis imagination seems to have no boundaries and his style is very creative, bold, adventurous, quirky, personal and different. His illustrations and fonts do not feel over processed.



The illustration above contains very simple images but as a whole it looks very playful and shows how much can be achieved with basic elements and techniques. It is all achieved by hand drawing which adds to the ‘real’ and ‘going back to basics’ feel to it. You feel like experimenting yourself with just a few pencils and a piece of paper.


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