Exercise: Book cover design, Cover 2

My second cover will be for ‘The Sleeper Awakes’ by H.G. Wells.

After doing a research about the book I decided to put a silhouette of a man facing a background full of clocks. I traced the background in llustrator and filled it with a brown colour to match with the background. I used a free image I found on Google for the background and I lowered it’s transparency for the silhouette to be the main focus of the cover and for the text to be clearly visible.

man 6745182_434b6a7b21_o


I kept the book’s spine white to look similar to the first book’s spine as it’s supposed to be a series and I wanted the spines, Century Gothic font used on covers and spines and publisher’s logo to be the elements that will link the series of the three books.



Cover 2:


Cover for ‘The Sleeper Awakes’ by H.G. Wells




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