Assignment 1, Postcards-further experimenting.

Card 1

I experimented further with the card. I painted it again to give it less of an opaque look and more of a textured look. I cut out the stork and letters saying Polska and positioned them in a few different ways.

20140428_132422 20140428_132956




I thought that letters positioned close to the top of the block of red with the stork facing them looked best.


  Card 1 – front 

Card 1 - back

Card 1 – back


Card 2

I replaced the green frame with a frame made of text saying ‘Fashion’. I tried a few different shapes and fonts for the frame. Fonts Monotype Corsiva and Eccentric Std worked best.

textframe1 textframe2 textframe3

In the end I went for a green frame made out of the word ‘Fashion’ written multiple times in Monotype Corsiva. I decided to write it with a capital letter F to make words in the frame more readable. I also painted the dress with green and brown watercolours.

Card 2 - front

Card 2 – front

Card 2 - back

Card 2 – back




Card 3 

I tried to add a simple image of a runway , but I was not happy with the way it was not clearly communicating what it was intending to portray. I thought that a subtle vapour trail complemented the plane better and gave it a sense of movement.

Card 3 - front

Card 3 – front

Card 3 - back

Card 3 – back




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