Card 3

I started working on card number 3.

The card is going to represent my love for travelling. I wanted to incorporate text into a shape of a plane as it is the most obvious symbol of travelling. I experimented with the word ‘Travel’ , but decided to go for a longer saying ‘Come fly with me’.



I wanted to use a font that would allude to a sense of freedom and spontaneity. I worked on trying to fit the text into the outline on paper and then I traced it in Adobe Illustrator.

I wanted photos that I took on my travels to be a part of the card. A picture of a street taken at night in Tokyo suited the purpose as it is full of lively colours. My first idea for background was to use a picture of the sky with crossed vapour trails, but it made the card a little too busy.



I decided to go for a plain blue background that has a gradient of white towards the centre.



I also like the text filled up with a picture of a skyscraper in Tokyo on white background.





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