Postcards Part 3

Card 1

For my first card with the stork I decided to add text saying ‘Polska’, meaning Poland in Polish language. In my opinion the flag combined with the text and image of a stork will complete the idea and allow for a clearer message to be conveyed.





I like the two options that I posted. One with the white text on the red area of the flag and second with red text just below the block of red. I thought that the bottom corner of the card will allow for the main image to be the first thing a viewer of the card will focus on.




Card 2

I experimented with frames and I think that a frame could add to the picture and compliment it. I want to keep it uncomplicated as the image inside of it is simple and I do not think that a busy frame would be suitable.




In the end I went for a simple green frame that I added in Adobe Illustrator. The tone of the frame compliments the dark tone of the figure.




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