Assignment 1, Postcards, Introducing yourself

I started working on the cards for assignment 1. I decided to create the cards on paper.

Card 1

I was born in Poland, so I would like for my first card to represent my origin. At the beginning I was considering having an outline of a map of Poland on white background and filling this outline with eagle’s feathers, as an eagle is the national coat of arms of Poland. I decided to drop the idea after experimenting with it, as it looked quite predictable.

I still want to stick to the Polish theme, but in a different form. So, my new idea for the first card is combining the Polish flag (white and red colours) with an image of a stork, which is the symbol of Poland. I find storks very graceful and they are so typical for Poland. I also think that a simple outline of a stork would look interesting.

20140223_160011Preliminary sketch for card 1

Card 2

For my second card, I want it to represent my interest in fashion. I have read a number of books recently about Polish fashion in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The last book I read is called ‘Moda w przedwojennej Polsce’ (‘Fashion in prewar Poland’) by Anna Sieradzka. I like the illustrations from that time so I will try to make my own based on what I found while reading this book.

20140223_160100Preliminary sketch for card 2

I will start now with drawing/painting the cards, so they stand out in colour and I will start thinking about ideas for the third card.



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